Common Mistakes About Weight Loss And How To Avoid Them » Weight Loss : Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes About Weight Loss And How To Avoid Them » Weight Loss : Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes About Weight Loss And How To Avoid Them » Weight Loss : Common MistakesTired and exasperated about none of your weight reducing methods bearing fruit? If yes, then there might be something wrong somewhere. Most of us tend to follow every method possible to reduce those extra ounces of flesh in the body. However, we fail to realize that it is not the method that does not work for us but the way we follow it that doesn’t bear the results we expect.

Here are a few of the more common mistakes everyone tends to make while trying out several weight reducing techniques. In addition to the food we eat, exercise plays a pivotal role in shaping the body and we need to realize that both efforts when combined in the proper manner can provide rich dividends in terms of making us look slimmer and younger.

Diet Restrictions: The biggest mistake everyone makes when trying to reduce weight is to starve during the day and eat heartily at night.

The body’s metabolic activities slow down at night, making digestion and energy flow slower. Whatever food you eat at night gets converted into fat as opposed to energy in the day time. A better option would be to eat during the day and limit your meals in the night.

Dieting can perform wonders on the body “if” done correctly. This “if” draws the line between a successful diet and a useless one. Accordingly, people on diets should restrict their food intakes to moderate levels instead of overdoing them.

Diets cannot provide the desired result if you don’t keep a track of what you eat. An individual’s diet needs to be charted out while keeping his/her body condition in mind. Eating the wrong foods will not help in reducing weight at all even if you know that they are fat free.

Adequate amounts of water need to be drunk in between meals in order to flush out excess fat in the body that is generated after metabolism. On the other hand, if a person drinks too much water during meals, he/she has a strong chance of being affected by obesity and indigestion.

We have all heard people on diets claim that they don’t eat sugar at all. What one needs to know that sugar is present in many eatables in the hidden form and consuming these can also lead to excessive sugar levels in the body. These include mouth freshners, ketchups, fruit juices and gums.

Artificial sweetners work the same way. They need to be used in very small quantities. A small diet drink is all that you can have a day. Apart from that, everything else that contains sugar in it, either in the visible or hidden form, tends to intefere with your body’s metabolism.

If you sincerely want to lose weight, let go of those munchies once and for all. It is difficult, but that’s the only way. A small biscuit now and then, a piece of cake in the evening and a few itsy bitsy sweets can look like a very small amount to us. In contrast, these alone can be a siginficant contribution.

Now that we know a little about where we went wrong in our diet plans, let’s take a look at a few mistakes we tend to overlook while exercising.

The first mistake an individual does before even starting to work out is setting unrealistic expectations. It’s not food and lack of exercise alone that determines a body’s shape. Genetics and other body conditions also play an important role.

Don’t dream of achieving six packs abs or a sculpted body. Instead plan out ways to strengthen your body from inside. This in turn will reduce excessive fat in your body and tone it down to the best possible level.

One day of exercises and we tend to hit the bed. Many people fall out of exercises with time. There may be many reasons for this. These include giving up on exercises after failing to notice any results, being too lazy to exercise after a feast or maybe not having any time to exercise.

Whatever maybe the case, try to add some form of exercise to your daily routine. You can take a walk, skip, run up and down the stairs or even do a dance workout routine.

Don’t think of exercises as punishments. Rather keep thinking of the benefits you would get in the long run by exercising regularly. Be committed to your goal of losing weight and leave little or no room for distractions.

Don’t expect to see immediate results. Again, depending on your body condition, it may take several weeks or even months to note any significant changes. Just stop watching the scale and stick to your routine. As time passes, you will notice how energized you feel, how better you sleep at nights and how distressed you have become. This goes far beyond than just looking slim.

Don’t stick to the same routine. Try to keep changing your workout patterns. If you have been sticking to just walking and jogging all these days, try a dance workout. In addition to working out a sweat, you may actually start to enjoy the fresh new routine.

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