Common Myths About Pregnancy & Popular Pregnancy Myths And Facts

Common Myths About Pregnancy & Popular Pregnancy Myths And Facts

Common Myths About Pregnancy & Popular Pregnancy Myths And FactsPregnancy is one issue about which many myths occur. However, these myths might be a coincidence and thus, a pregnant woman should not think much about these. Best way of dealing pregnancy myths is to listen to them and forget.

One of commonest myths is that- ‘from the way a woman carries her baby during pregnancy, it can be ascertained if the baby is male or female’. This is completely untrue. If any woman is told that a low lying pregnancy means boy, she must never accept that.

It is through ultrasound technique or through amniocentesis that gender of baby can be determined, which is completely illegal. Similarly, one more myth is found about the gender of baby. It is said that through levels of morning sickness, gender of baby can be determined. This is also untrue. It is also a myth that if acne appears on face of mother or if mother has expanding hips, girl will be born.

Another myth that is generally heard is that due to holding of hands above the head, the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the neck. No strangling, however, occurs when a women does that. Even there are some exercises prescribed that require a pregnant woman to hold her hands above head.

One issue that is discussed quite often is sex during pregnancy. It is a myth that if a woman does sex during pregnancy, it would harm the baby. It is to be understood that unless a woman has high risk pregnancy, there is no problem in having sex. If a pregnant woman has history of pre-labor or miscarriage, sex may be avoided. There are some postures that must not be adopted during pregnancy and health care provider can easily tell about these.

Another pregnancy myth is that when a pregnant woman takes bath or becomes submerged in water, it harms baby as well as mother. It is also completely untrue. In fact, there are some aqua aerobic exercises that are considered as good for a pregnant woman and are prescribed by the health care providers. It is also a myth that if a mother sleeps on her back, harm is caused to the baby. Similarly, it is also a myth that if mother suffers from heartburn, it means baby’s head is full of hair.

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