Common Sex Myths

Common Sex Myths

Common Sex Myths - Penis Size Myths - G Spot Myth - Sexual Preferences » Common Sex MythsMyths have always been a part of the society. They tend to happen when individuals spread false or unfounded information as cold facts, while using their own touch to the story, oftentimes adding a sense of fantasy. Of course, myths about sex are also created; it would be quite strange if it were the opposite. Some myths occur when professionals, or experts, in the field change their views on the subject, as is the case with the female G spot. Read on further and find out, if you did not already know, about some common sex myths – are they true or false?

The first myth claims that having sex while your partner is on a period is safe. This basically means that it reduces the risk of her becoming pregnant if you ejaculate in her. This myth probably exists because when a woman is on her period she knows that it is a sign that she is not pregnant. But the reality is another different story; the sperm remains active in the vagina for seven days. This myth is obviously a fake, so it is important for you and her that you don’t risk it, you could regret it later.

The second one says that if a man thinks about sex with another man he is automatically gay. This is the basic product of a homophobic society and can become quite confusing for men. The truth is that men often fantasize about different things. It does not make you gay thinking about it, it just means you are a little curious. There is a real difference between thinking and acting. This is a taboo subject between men, it is often embarrassing to discuss about them so they become one of their best kept secrets. If you still are not sure about your sexual preferences, try consulting a professional counselor.

Third one – penis size does matter. Everyone discusses about big penises and how neat it is to have one. It is viewed as a sign of manliness and can make you the envy of just about every man with a small penis. The truth is that size really matters, but too much can hurt.

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