Common Side Effects Of Pregnancy

Common Side Effects Of Pregnancy

Common Side Effects Of Pregnancy - Health Problems In Pregnancy » Pregnancy Side Effects You Should KnowAs women, a pregnancy once detected heralds an anxious and exciting phase of our lives. But for many women it can be a funny thing for it transforms not just our body in weirdly uncomfortable ways, but also alters us at a deeper psychological level that leaves even our most basic preferences totally altered.

In fact, once pregnant many women become a complete new person. And this is all thanks to the side-effects that pregnancy as a long drawn process has on us.

Now, you may have seen women in movies and TV radiating happiness through their glowing persona and flawless skin, but in reality most expecting mothers have to survive a range of embarrassing, ugly, irritating and sometimes really gross side-effects that more often than not tend to take the wind out of the sails of motherhood.

The simplest reason for all these side-effects is hormonal imbalances in the body that are created due to the strenuous complexities of developing and growing a brand new life from scratch.

When the strain gets too much for your body to handle, it sends you warnings signals in the form of these maladies. The most common symptom of this imbalance is mood swings, indecisive thoughts and contradictory feelings. But not all women suffer from this, as many have also been recorded to turn suddenly very collected and composed when pregnant.

Common side-effects

To begin with, the most obvious side-effects of pregnancy are the ones that physically manifest themselves on our bodies and faces, and are hence visible for all to see and comment. These include skin darkening due to excessive secretion of melanin pigment, acne and pimples due to overworking sebaceous glands and general bloating and swelling of body parts like ankles due to water retention in the body.

Weight gain is another obvious side-effect of pregnancy, but in a positive way, as it indicates that your baby is developing and growing as it should. Certain other common side-effects that you can both feel and see include shortness of breath, tiredness and dizziness.

Difficulty in breathing becomes more and more common as you get along your pregnancy simply because as the baby keeps growing inside you, it takes over your stomach area and grows right up to under your rib cage by the ninth month. All this growth tends to put a strain on your heart, especially when you sit as it is then that the baby sac pushes its way into the rib cage, and the rib cage into your heart. This is when you complain of a dull pain in the chest region, shortness of breath and acute tiredness.

One thing every woman needs to understand is that a pregnancy completely changes your body plumbing, to the extent that nothing in your mid body stays the same. This is because once the baby sac takes over the stomach, by the end of your second trimester, the digestive and excretionary processes of the body are seriously compromised causing malfunctions such as piles or acute constipation.

Weight gain and too much sitting is the primary reason for the former, while insufficient water intake is the main reason for the later. Hence, when pregnant drink load and loads of water, lie down, in fact sleep as much as can and don’t do anything even remotely strenuous that may add to the existing pressure on your heart.

Tip of the iceberg?

But these side-effects are just the tip of the iceberg. They are indeed nothing when compared to the extreme discomfort and irritation caused by morning sickness, soreness of breasts and vaginal discharge. All pregnant women, in all stages of their pregnancy simply have to go through these three terribly gross and incredibly embarrassing bodily changes.

Morning sickness is kind of a retching sensation that usual results in vomiting. It is usually seen as the first symptom of pregnancy and is caused due to hormonal fluctuations, which peak in the mornings.

Breasts enlargement and soreness keeps getting worse as you get along your pregnancy because the body keeps increasing the dosage of the milk hormone it is producing to get ready for when the baby arrives. Hence, your breasts will feel tender and sore most of the time, sometimes making it difficult for to even sleep well. Lastly, vaginal discharge is a function of the genital area cleaning and disinfecting itself for the upcoming delivery.

All three side-effects are usually felt throughout the nine months that you are carrying. The best way to deal with them is to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Invest in underwear that is made of some breathable fibre, never ever wear tight or form fitting clothes, eat light small meals and again drink loads of water.

Not so common side-effects

While 80 to 90% of expecting mothers undergo these maladies, there are a small percentage that actually suffer from weird, crazy, irritating and even downright funny side-effects. Although pregnancy affects your whole body, but apparently in some women it affects their nose and mouths the most.

Yes, excessive salvation, bleeding gums and nose bleeds have been recorded in pregnant women. Even unusual skin problems such haemorrhoids and itchy skin can haunt you in this phase.

Crazy cravings, called pica, are also possible during this time, where you carve for items such as mud, stones, coal, chalk etc. Apart from gas, another embarrassing side effect to be seen is excessive hair growth as face, neck and chest area, which thankful falls of a month or two after delivery.

Lastly, a uncommon but serious side-effect is yeast infections in the vaginal area, as these can cause complications in your pregnancy if untreated. To battle most of these, you need to maintain strict and total body hygiene, taking special care of your mouth and private parts.

Nothing written in stone

One thing to remember here is that no two pregnancies are alike. So having any of these or even none of these side-effects does not really reflect the health of your pregnancy. But should your side-effects be causing you more than simple discomfort, or even too much pain, you should tell your doctor immediately and take medicines to feel better.

The key to enjoying your pregnancy is to not to simply survive these side-effects, but in fact to conquer them, as in the long run they leave your body stronger and you wiser. Always keep the bigger picture in mind. Seeing your little baby for the first time will be enough to make you realize that all this trouble was so worth it.

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