Common Signs of Healthy Baby

Common Signs of Healthy Baby

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Normal baby is what every parent is expecting. The normal gestation period of woman is 38-42 weeks. Any baby born before this is considered as a premature baby. A mother can feel her baby from inside and the baby will be familiar with the mothers heart beat, smell, body temperature etc while it is still in mother’s womb. A crying baby will calm down at the moment it comes to its mother’s hand. It’s the dream of every parent to have a healthy baby. The common signs of a healthy baby are as follows

Healthy Baby

1. A healthy baby will cry immediately after its birth.

2. A normal baby should weigh between 2.5- 3.5 Kg. any baby less than this is a low weight baby that means the baby needs extra care.

3. The baby should urinate at the time of birth or straight away after the birth. Some times it happens in 24 hours time. If the baby takes more time than this, necessary care should be taken

4. The first feces of a newborn child are called me conium. This stool will be paste like and black in color. Conium has to pass in the first day itself. The color of the stool changes to golden brown with in two to three days.

5. The length of the baby will be around fifty Cms.

6. A normal baby will react positively to the mothers sound.

7. The baby’s focus of vision will be around eight to twelve inches, the distance between babies cradled in mother’s arm and her face.

8. The pulse rate of a normal baby will be 120-140 per minute and the rate of respiration will be 30-40 per minute.

9. The color of the new born will be purple to dark red at first which gradually changes to red to pink. The feet and hands may stay blue for some more days till they have a good blood circulation.

10. Jaundice in new born are often. Here the baby is trying to get rid of the excess red blood cells in its body. The skin becomes yellow in color. Sometimes it may change in to a serious condition.

11. The baby will be ready to take breast feed in one hour’s time. The first food given to the baby must be mother’s milk. Mother’s first milk contains colostrum which impart immunity to the baby. A normal baby needs milk frequently.

I wish every child born in this world should be a healthy normal baby. That’s what the greatest reward a mother can have.

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