Common Skin Problems in Children

Common Skin Problems in Children

Common Skin Problems in Children - How to Deal with Insect Bites - Sun Protection for Children - Dehydration in Children » How To Deal Wth Your Kids Common ProblemsFrom bugs biting to sunburns to asthma, there are number of problems that your child faces everyday. But you as parent try not to make a big deal for your kids rather perform some simple ways for dealing with such common emergencies. Here are some effective ways to deal with the following problems, go through it!

For dealing with insects bites
If your child spends more time outdoor, he or she is more likely to get bitten by bugs that can cause itchy lumps thus making your kid extremely restless. A cold flannel can do wonders on an insect bite. You can also use ice pack or frozen peas to apply on the affected area. Also, advise your kid to cover himself properly before stepping out especially at dawn when these little critters are most active. You can take help of various insect’s repellents like garlic tablets etc.

How to deal with sunburn
To protect your child from sunburn, ask him or her to apply sunscreen lotion having at least factor 15 with both UVA and UVB protection. Apply it before 15 minute of stepping out so that it gets sink in your kid’s skin. For treating mild sunburn, make sure your kid stay indoors until he gets healed up., then you can cool it off using a shower. If you are having a baby less than 12 months, try to keep him under the shade as much as possible to reduce the chances of sunburn.

How to deal with dehydration

Make sure your kid carries a handy water bottle whenever he/she goes out in the sun. This is because when temperature soars due to scorching sun, new born babies, infants, young children are most at the risk of dehydration. You can even buy rehydrating sachets from chemist and energy drinks to provide your kid an instant relief from dehydration.

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