Constipation- Causes And Treatment

Constipation- Causes And Treatment

Constipation- Causes And Treatment - Natural Diet To Cure Constipation & Get Rid Of Constipation » Natural Diet Food Designed For ConstipationConstipation is quite a common ailment that afflicts you very often. This embarrassing and painful condition is likely to bother you on numerous occasions, particularly if your diet lacks fibre and you lifestyle happen to be sedentary.

Ways You Can Suffer From Constipation

There are also other several ways which could increase your chances of suffering from constipation. Certain kinds of medicine for pain, antidepressants and sedatives might not contribute to constipation directly but they could increase the possibility of your bowels to cramp up.

However these days there are many constipation remedies which you can avail of. These remedies could give you relief from the painful symptoms associated with this condition. Following a natural diet is one of the effective and cheap cures for constipation. It is also safer for your body as you are not required to take any chemicals or medicines for inducing healthier bowel movements.

Various Causes of Constipation

A natural diet is the best and most effective cure for constipation. An unhealthy diet or an unhealthy lifestyle is often an important cause of constipation. A cause of constipation could be the side effects of specific medicines from getting dehydrated. Not taking in the correct and necessary amount of nutrients is also an important cause of constipation. Not drinking adequate water in a day could be a cause of constipation.

Natural Diet – A Good Cure For Constipation

There are various ways in which you can change your diet in order to make your bowel movements less painful and easier. You can add fibre to your diet. This could be a critical step for you to achieve the effect which you desire. Fibre is capable of cleaning the colon of your feces and removing any kind of obstruction. However, your consumption of fiber should be moderate.

If your fiber consumption is not moderate, you are likely to experience a lot of discomfort as well as pass gas much more frequently. Approximately twenty to thirty five grams of fiber would be enough for you to achieve the result you desire. Diet foods like apples contain around 3 gms of fiber. Diet foods like Prunes and bananas have more than three grams of fiber in them.

One ounce of wheat bran and three fourth cups of pinto beans contain approximately ten grams each. There are also other diet foods which contain a good amount of fiber. These are brown rice, oatmeal, raw vegetables, fruits and raisins. If you incorporate these food items into your diet on a regular basis, it would not only be inexpensive but would also be your perfect cure for constipation.

You must note that two kinds of fiber exist. These are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. If you consume food items which contain a lot of soluble fiber like oats and brown rice, it could make you pass more gas. Food items which contain a lot of insoluble fiber are green leafy vegetables, spinach, peas, beans, raisin brans and wheat.

Apart from consuming diet foods which are fiber rich, you should also drink as much water as you possibly can. Water is a very good cure for constipation as it hydrates your system and flushes the harmful toxins away.

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