Control Allergies

Control Allergies

Control Allergies - Asthma and Allergies - What Are Common Symptoms Of Allergies? - How to Control Allergens in Your Home | Tips on - Find TipsAllergies are a result of a hypersensitive reaction to environmental substances or foods or drugs. If the immune of someone’s body is weak, they have greater chances of getting effected with allergies.

If allergies are not taken care of in time, it can lead to viral, bacterial or yeast infections. Some of the common and easily recognised symptoms of allergies are:


Runny eyes;


Dark patches under eyes;









Breathing problems

The four general categories of allergen that effects are- OTC (over the counter) products, foods, chemical reaction and environmental pollutants.

So what can be done to control allergy?

1. Start taking a healthy diet to strengthen the immune system because it the basic system that wards off allergens. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in food rather that processed or preserved products. Don’t take saturated fats or hydrogenated fats.

2. Reduce the intake of tobacco. It brings you in contact with air borne allergens and it enters you with every breath you take.

3. Drink plenty of fluids; especially water because it flushes out allergens from the system. Ideally, one must take 8 glasses of water daily.

4. Try to keep home and offices clean of hypoallergenic products such as blankets, drapes, soft toys etc. They attract lot of dust so use them only when the need arises. Let plenty of fresh air and sunlight to come in. Use air purifiers if possible.

5. Clean the air passage ducts and filters regularly. Do not let water be stored at a place for a long time. They are the originators of many diseases besides allergies.

6. Stay away from dogs and cats if you know they irritate your skin. May people are allergic to animals and they begin to sneeze even if the animals get any nearer.

7. Winter is one of the seasons where people are more to allergic reactions. Stay indoors, away from the chilling wind and from areas of dense plantation.

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