Control Premature Ejaculation

Control Premature Ejaculation

Control Premature Ejaculation - Increase Sexual Stamina - Prevent Premature Ejaculation - Perform Oral Sex » Control premature ejaculationLow stamina while having sex is usually a big problem for most men. You are having sex with your woman and she is moaning. She is on the verge of a climax but you explode in your own selfish orgasm. Most women get frustrated and disappointed in such a situation. Now is the time for you to solve your problem of premature ejaculation.

Most pharmacies sell products that help a man to prevent premature ejaculation. Many of these products do not actually solve your problem because the manufacturers take advantage of you by taking your money. You can actually make lovemaking enjoyable by increasing your stamina by yourself.

Masturbation is a great way of increasing your stamina. This is because you will have eradicated that anxiety. You are thus more relaxed and in control while having sex. After masturbation, your body will take a longer time for you to climax again.

This period when your body rebuilds itself is called refractory period. Your partner does not have to know that you are masturbating but she will certainly love the longer lasting lovemaking.

Most men will frown at the thought of masturbation when they can ask their woman to have oral sex on them. Not only that, they believe that masturbation is a very childish act.

They will say that it is pointless masturbating when you can get the real action from your woman. Moreover, people that masturbate are generally called losers. In the real world, friendship and relationship are all about caring and understanding your partner’s needs. If you cannot please everybody, you can at least please your wife or your lover.

Another method of increasing your stamina is by asking your woman to perform oral sex on you. The principle behind this is that you will also climax and thus go through the refractory period mentioned earlier. If you climax two or three times during oral sex, your sexual stamina will increase greatly compared to when you climaxed just once.

Premature ejaculation can break up a relationship because a woman wants to have sex and climax again and again. Sex does not really make sense when they do not climax. They would rather find a man that can make them climax again and again.

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