Cooking Tips and Hints

Cooking Tips and Hints

Cooking Tips and Hints - Tips for Cooking - Few Cooking Hints - Simple Cooking Tips | Tips on - Find TipsThis article gives you a look through a few handy tips and hints on cooking that will simplify your problems. Most of these tips have come down to us from the earlier generations and are a result of experience. These are simple yet effective and will help you to rid of many cooking woes:

1. Never overheat butter while melting, as that will result in the curdling of the butter and will render it tasteless and without the required texture needed for most recipes.

2. If you have accidentally put extra salt in your cooking add diced potatoes or tomatoes. This will absorb the excess salt.

3. Adding a teaspoon of water while frying beef helps to pull away the grease from it.

4. If you want to make your omelet rich adding a few spoons of cream cheese or heavy cream to it while whipping really works.

5. Adding a pinch of salt while boiling eggs helps prevent them from cracking.

6. To reduce fat content in your baking recipes, use 1/4-cup of applesauce and 1/4-cup of oil instead of 1/2 cup of vegetable oil.

7. Add corn flour, mixed in a little water, to thicken any gravy or soup. Using oatmeal also helps to thicken soups and also adds flavor to them.

8. Adding a little soda to cranberries, while cooking, prevents use of too much sugar.

9. To prevent the smell of ham permeating the house, you can effectively use a little vinegar while boiling the ham in water.

10. To make fat-free soup or broth, chill the meat broth before cooking. When cooking, the fat comes up to the top and you can easily spoon it out.

11. Add a spoon of sugar to the water while cooking turnips. This will lessen the odor of the turnips and also render them tastier.

12. Combine two or more brands of curry powder while using it in your cooking, as each is a mix of different ingredients. This will ensure that the dish tastes good.

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