Cooking to minimize Gas

Cooking to minimize Gas

Cooking to minimize Gas - How to Save Gas in the Kitchen - How to Save Cooking Gas in the kitchen » How to minimize the use of your cooking gasUndoubtedly the prices of fuel are increasing day by day and same is the case with our cooking gas too. Unless we really make efforts to minimize its use, the day is not far behind that all the resources get deleted, leaving us with very few options. Read this article written below, as it will guide you on different ways for saving your kitchen gas, so that you can use it for longer time.

Keep in mind that whenever you think of preparing eatables that include pulses, peas, chana, sprouts etc; make sure you soak them in water 2-3 hours before starting your preparations.

Try to make use of non-stick pan for preparing your meals as much as possible. This is because non-stick pans use very little amount of oil for preparing meals plus also uses less amount of cooking gas.

Always prepare meals in a covered pan. Whenever you cook, place a bowl filled with water on the lid cover, this will allow you to prepare your dish more faster. Plus you can use the boiled water in a bowl for other purpose too.

If you are planning to prepare khichdi, make sure you soak both pulses and rice in water for some time before starting the cooking procedure.

Always make sure you prepare your dishes in a good quality cooker only. Whenever you buy a cooker, check out that it is certified from ISI. This will prevent happening of any ill event plus allows minimum usage of your cooking gas.

Avoid the habit of heating the cooked food again and gain. Repeated heating not only kills the nutrients of your meals but also leads to gas wastage. Instead pour the dishes in hotpot to keep them hot for longer period of time.

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