Cope Up With Your Child after Divorce

Cope Up With Your Child after Divorce

Cope Up With Your Child after Divorce - Tips to Deal A Child after Divorce - Children & Divorce - How to Care a Child after Divorce | Tips on - Find TipsWhatever you feel, a divorce is always painful – for you, as well as for your child. You have two fields to fight with. They are one of your own and other of your little one.

No matter how good you are as a parent, it’s still not possible that you can take the role of your spouse as well. So it’s natural for your child to feel sad and let down.

Break the News Together

Divorce does not happen suddenly. There is a build-up to it. So your child too has a fair idea of it. Let not your feelings for each other spill over your child. And when you two finally decide to go for the divorce then it’s always advisable to break the news together. And give the leverage to your child whether he wants to stay-up with mom or dad.

Give your Support and Not Vengeance

Your child can blame him or herself for the whole scenario, but make sure you make it clear that it’s solely between the adults and not his/her fault.
Don’t put any blame whatsoever on your child for your strained relationship with your spouse.


While you and your child have to cope up with huge upheaval, it is important to maintain the daily routine of your life like school, play, homework, meals, sleep, etc. Buying gifts to your child is not the alternative means of giving joy to your child. Try to neglect some of your child’s bad behavior until it’s too critical.

Be Mature

Don’t stop your child to meet your spouse after the divorce, and don’t force him/her to choose between the two. Drop and pick your child normally, without showing your feelings for each other.

Psychological Problems

Child may feel distressed at school watching his fellow students’ both the parents having normal relationship. Don’t let your child fall prey to feeling of insecurity. Talk to his teacher in school to take him easy through this tough time.

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