Coping With Male Menopause

Coping With Male Menopause

Coping With Male Menopause - Male Menopause Symptoms - Male Menopause Treatment » Coping With Male MenopauseWith the highly stressed lives men now lead as compared to their fathers or grand fathers a new age condition has been observed of late. It is called the ‘male menopause’. Tell me you have not read about it and I may think that you have not been reading any thing at all. For the last ten years plus male menopause is an issue discussed by several men’s health issues. It is very simple really, when you look at it square in the face.

Stress throws our hormones into a chaotic mumbo jumbo. When our hormones are not flowing the way they are designed to do so we become irrational, irritable and a whole lot of other things that we should not need to be associate with.

So if the thought processes for you till date, that it was a problem of the ladies; then think again. Yes, the ladies have all sat around and talked among them selves of all the hot flashes they are having. And yes, we men have been told; only we men got it a bit twisted into thinking that it had some thing to do with getting hot over us. No, please it about hormones going hey wire in our systems.

Women are prone to it as they are they need to carry a fetus around for nine months when pregnant. Women after 40 seem to have these hormones go wild within their systems soon after the mothering years.

In men, the condition is in fact medically known as ‘Andropause’ which some literally translate and say the male body has been ‘paused’. Since it has been here for some time now more and more men are willing to have them selves tested for the condition. It is no longer some thing one needs to feel embarrassed about.

Given the wide range of symptoms associated with it, there are an equally large number of treatment options. Men also seem to suffer at roughly the same time as women which is 40 plus. It is often referred to as ‘mid life crises’.

Normally men who are inactive and not into any form of regular fitness routines are most likely to have such mid life crises. This is because Andropause is related to testosterone. Men over 40 who do not work out have depleting levels of testosterone and so fall prey to such inflictions. Sorry, but that’s just one more reason to work out men.

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