Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park - Safari Trip - Visit Corbett National Park » Corbett National Park’s Safari TripTaking the name of John Corbett, whose efforts towards conservation of flora and fauna, not to speak of Tigers and wild life, are well known; Corbett National Park which was earlier called the Hailey National Park nestles in the Himalayas.

This national park not only hosts an array of tigers, but also other animals; animal life seen here includes a number of cat-family members. There is a wide variety of birdlife here, from black throated Payas to crested serpent eagles, from kingfishers to falcons.

Wild life that roams in this park is breathtaking extending from boars to elephants, pythons to crocodiles, monkey to deer!

A safari tour to this National Park needs planning, deciding upon the itinerary, reserving places, choosing the best places and trying to know something about people and their cultural ethos. Plan your trip during November-June, when the Corbett Park dons varied hues with its flora blooming.

You can reach this place from Delhi’s international airport or Pantnagar domestic airport, from where it is only an hour’s drive. You can reach Ramnagar by train and hire taxis to Corbett. If you like to use a jeep, take the Delhi path, passing over Muradabad to reach Ramnagar and on to Corbett.

Things to Do in National Park

Corbett is not merely for tiger or bird watching. You can go fishing in Kosi or Kothari or angle at Pancheshwar, with prior permission from forest officers. You can rent out fishing rods and after a fishing spree, take the safari ride, which remains popular.

An expert driver who knows the topography and can guide you to the places where wild animals are seen will accompany you. Choose an elephant ride, which can take you to the interiors of jungles, getting very near to the animals, enabling you to watch then in their natural setting.

Things to carry

When you visit Corbett National Park, do not forget to carry some necesdsary things which include a map of the area, a pair of binoculars, clothing to suit the conditions, camera, mosquito repellents, etc. Carry some cash for any emergency.

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