Cork Flooring Information

Cork Flooring Information

Cork Flooring Information - Cork Flooring Benefits and Advantages » Cork FlooringOne of the key elements of your home interior and décor is the flooring. When choosing the flooring of your house, you need to select an option which is not only stylish and chic but should be comfortable and durable as well.

It should be easy to install and clean. Cork flooring has emerged as one of the best natural flooring options. Made from the bark of the cork oak trees, the decorative and durable cork flooring can be used in commercial as well as residential structure.

The material for the flooring is derived from cork oak, a tree which is grown mainly in the Western Mediterranean region especially in Portugal and Spain. The bark of this unique tree can be re-harvested every ten years or so. Thus cork being a sustainable and renewable resource has found a number of admirers among the environmentally conscious.

Moreover unlike conventional wood flooring, cork flooring is resistant to mildew, mold and insects such as termites due to its natural antibacterial properties and impermeability to liquids and gases. The presence of natural suberin, a waxy substance in the flooring makes it water resistant and thus a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used as the flooring as well as the sub-flooring.

One of the key advantages of cork flooring is its extreme durability and resilience to pressure. While carpet and other types of flooring get indented when you place heavy furniture on them, cork flooring is lightweight and springs back into place almost immediately after the furniture are moved.

Moreover the polyutherane coating over the flooring increases its longevity and durability for the long term. In case of any damage, this coating can be easily renewed.

Cork flooring is resistant to fire and is a great insulator as well. This is an important consideration for people living in countries with extreme temperatures. The insulation also protects against extreme sound vibrations and footfalls especially in apartments. It is easy to maintain as it is dust resistant.

Available in a number of natural tones as well as artificial colors, you can choose the flooring that is best suited for your needs. Cork flooring is easy to install and the tiles can be easily glued on to the sub floor. You can choose a natural and expensive wax finish or opt for a water based polyurethane finish for the best results.

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