Cosmetic Allergies

Cosmetic Allergies

Cosmetic Allergies - Sources of Allergies - Various Kinds of Cosmetics - Problems with Cosmetics | Tips on - Find TipsCosmetics have become an integral part of the modern woman’s lifestyle. According to a report by The American Academy of Dermatology, an adult woman uses 7 different types of cosmetics per day. With different age has come a change in the use of cosmetics. The days of ancient cosmetics have given place to the modern times of new and improved cosmetics, the proper use of which makes you look and stay beautiful.

But the problem lies elsewhere. It is noticed that many a times, the use of various kinds of cosmetics can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. There are certain ingredients used in cosmetics that act as antigens, triggering an allergic reaction.

Possible sources of allergies

1. Lipstick can give rise to contact dermatitis.

2. Overuse of nail polish causes allergy in the skin adjoining the nails in many.

3. Allergy can spread to other parts of the body like the eyelids, neck, shoulder due to use of nail varnish. Nail polish has acetone as one of its constituents. Nail polish remover which has acetone can cause breakage of nails.

4. Do not over indulge in facials. Sometimes the creams and lotions used in facials can also trigger allergic reactions.

5. Frequent bleaching or dyeing can also give rise to this problem. Permanent dyes can cause acute irritation dermatitis.

6. Allergies caused by fragrances are a little different from the other allergic reactions. It may affect not only the person who uses the fragrance but also the one who comes in contact with this person. There a number of chemicals in perfumes that may give way to varied types of allergies such as contact dermatitis and photo allergy.

7. Some of the ingredients found in perfumed soap, scented candles, aftershaves or cologne can also trigger allergic reaction in many.

8. Excessive use of shampoo not only damages the texture of your hair but also causes irritation to the skin of the scalp.

9. Some people are allergic to alpha-hydroxy acid, which is a popular ingredient in many moisturizers and when they use moisturizers it may result in swollen, tender or itchy skin.

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