Cosmetics For Men

Cosmetics For Men

Cosmetics For Men - Mens Facial Toners - Face Moisturizers For Men » Cosmetics For MenAs men get more comfortable with the metrosexual tag, it is easier and more acceptable for a growing number to get attuned to their body’s need to be nourished and maintained beyond the after-shave slapped on and the general family use cold-cream being used for occasional nicks and cuts.

Among the most basic products in any modern man’s cosmetic line-up would be a good quality cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer: so see our pick of the A-line cosmetics for men and check over what’s missing from your dresser to get the women flocking to you for good measure besides rejuvenating your winter skin for a fresh, spring look in the coming months!

And, oh yes, don’t forget a good sunblock (minimum SPF 15-30 and unscented if you’ve got sensitive skin) if you’re the outdoorsy type of man or keen on picking up a beach babe – it’s known to do wonders for preventing skin aging and letting those laugh-lines show through so your younger looking skin gets you the pick of younger looking ladies, too!

Among the best cleansers for men for daily use are Nivea’s Double-Action Facewash, which is a light, foaming gel that actually cleans your skin of excess oil and grime without taking away essential moisture from it (enriched with vitamin B and E) and L’Oreal Men’s Expert Anti-Dullness cleansing full foaming gel with menthol for extra freshness first thing in the morning. (The latter is also a great skin softener so gives a smooth shave afterwards).

Toners are best for men who have oily skins but those with dry skin can also use toners as long as these are alcohol free (to protect skin moisture to stay in): L’Oreal offers Comfort Max Anti-Irritation, which is a great non-greasy after shave that affords round the clock hydration to all types of skin.

Finally, follow up with moisturizers like Eucerin Lotion (SPF 30), which is oil-free and won’t clog any pores to encourage blackheads like others; you can also get the same benefits along with supple, soft and smooth skin after cleansing and toning with Avon’s Anti-Oiliness Moisturizer that gives a perfect matte finish without drying your face – and voila! You’re ready to steal the show anywhere, guys!

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