Cramped In A Flight

Cramped In A Flight

Cramped In A Flight - Trunk Twist - Feet Rotation - Heel Raise - Toe Raise - Spine Stretch » Feeling cramped in a flight? Here’s the solutionTraveling by air can cause repetitive strain on your upper body, back and legs due to wrong posture plus long hours of sitting at one particular seat. You may feel cramped. But doing some stretching exercises during your journey can really helps in preventing muscle soreness and as well will improve your blood circulation level. Just perform these simple stretching exercises if you feeling cramped in a flight, as they will help in releasing the stiffness thereby comforting your journey.

Before starting any stretching, just keep the following point in your mind.
* Hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds
* Perform each stretch twice
* Breathe normally when you hold the stretch. Do not hold your breath

Trunk twist
Sitting on your chair, raise both of your elbows to shoulder level and clasp your hand. Now twist your spine and slowly turn to the left and then to the right.

Neck stretch
Turn your head to the right, look over your shoulder, and then to the left side and look over your shoulder.

Shoulder rolls
Rotate your shoulders forwardly for few minutes, then reverse the direction and rotate the shoulders again.

Arm and spine stretch
Extend both your hands straight above the head, and clasp the hands and stretch your spine and arms.

Toe raise
Lift your toes off the floor and then rest your feet on the floor. Perform this exercise at least ten times.

Heel raise
Lift your heels off the floor and then rest your feet on the floor. Make sure to perform this exercise at least 10 times to give relief to your heels.

Feet rotation:
For giving relief to your feet, just rotate them for few minutes in both clock wise and in anti-clockwise rotation.

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