Crash Diet

Crash Diet

Crash Diet - How To Loose Weight - Crash Diet Effects - Healthy Eating Diet - Gaining Weight Diet » Going for a Crash Diet-Think AgainCrash diet is gaining a huge popularity in today’s fats forward world as it seems to be the best option to get what desired in minimum time. If you think that you can reduce weight by sacrificing your favorite food items for a couple of days, then you have got it all wrong. That’s absolutely not the case as crash dieting leads to only temporary effects. You might be pleased with the immediate weight loss visible to you, but your lost weight would come back as soon as you regain back your normal diet. And it will also bring with it other fat partners. Given below is a detailed analysis of the reason why you should opt for natural procedure of weight loss, not through crash dieting.

Crash dieting implies cutting down on your fat and calorie intake to regain immediate weight loss effects. But sometime or the other, you would resume your normal eating habit. That in turn would lead to your gaining weight rapidly as your body would start storing that fat in fear of another starving condition. Moreover, during crash dieting, the body enters a starvation mode in which the protein in the muscles is used as the main source of energy. Thus the weight loss you experience is not a healthy one as you lose your muscle mass and your metabolism begins to slow down to conserve the small numbers of calories you are consuming. Thus, with slowing down of metabolism, you would actually start gaining weight, that too in a much faster pace. The next time, you think about crash dieting, think again. You might actually be gaining weight and losing your healthy muscles.

Instead of crash dieting, opt for a much safer option of healthy eating and regular exercising to attain a perfect figure which reflects health.

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