Create a killer first Impression

Create a killer first Impression

Create a killer first Impression - How to make a good impression - Strategies for a first impression - Tips for first impression » Create a killer first ImpressionWe people have a general habit of judging others and also sharing views about a person in a group on the very first day of meeting. So for most of the people first impression is treated as the very important and decisive one. All the major presumptions generally grow in people’s mind from the first impression they carry about a person. Naturally to create a killer first impression it is essential for us and if it is for a girl then first impression is the most important one. Here we go with a few tips about how to make ourselves up to the mark for the killer first impression.

The first and the foremost point is to have a healthy body. A healthy body not only makes your presence brighter but also helps to grow confidence on the very first day of meeting. If you can practice the non smoking habit and also drinking occasionally habit then your killer impression will last for ever. Then comes the skin care issue. A glowing face and a dirt free fresh look can make your first impression very significant. Before stepping out of the room make sure there is no dirt or extra hair or crust in the eye corner left. These are very small matter but can drastically change your impression among a group on the very first day. Before going out for the first date has a close and clean shave to look fresh. Lips are also essential organ for building a smart look. A chapped lip is never liked by people so use lip balms to smoothen the lips and maintain it. Body smell again is an important point for the first impression. Proper shower and use of cologne can make you feel fresh and you will start smelling awesome.

Sense of style is an area where one has to work hard. Try to wear neat and tidy clothes which suit your personality. Sometimes a good branded cloth can spoil your look but a simple dress can turn you attractive. There are few soft skills like body posture, shaking hands and choice of words while speaking can make your personality noticeable in a group of few men. If on the first day there are food arrangements then eating habit along with neatness and etiquettes will be considered hugely by others. So looking good and confident with simplicity can make your killer first impression a lifetime one.

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