Crucial Symptoms of Gout

Crucial Symptoms of Gout

Crucial Symptoms of Gout - Cure for Gout - Gout Pain - Gout Uric Acid | Tips on - Find TipsOnce gout grips someone, it is like for eternity. There is no particular cure for gout except for controlled diet and slight medication to ease the pain, inflammation or swelling.

Do you think that you suffer from gout attack? Maybe you have not consulted a doctor yet, so read the below symptoms. If you nod ‘yes’ to any one of the symptoms, rush to a doctor as soon as possible. Do not linger on.

1. You are not injured but you still feel much pain at joints. Sometimes there can be internal injuries if you are a sports person but if you are not, this is a cause for concern. Do your toes and ankles feel hurt? Is there any swelling or inflammation or redness? Is the pain getting worse day by day? If ‘yes’, it is surely gout. Swelling in the case of normally caused injury subsides with each passing day but in gout, the swelling accompanied with pain keeps on increasing. Slowly the pain spreads to other joints such as wrists, fingers and elbows.

2. Does the pain begin in the middle of the night? It has been observed that pain due to gout start at mid night. Our bodies have synovial liquids which are responsible for cleansing the joints while we are in deep slumber. When the liquid does not reach the desired place because the flow is not enough, uric acid begins to accumulate at joints. This gives rice to the pain.

3. Do you feel pain with the slightest touch on the swollen area? Feeling so is a clear indication of gout tendency. For such patients, even the fleeting touch of a finger causes pain.

Apart from gout, the above mentioned symptoms can be found in rheumatoid arthritis or pseudo gout to a certain extent. However, go for professional help. Get a blood test done to ascertain the uric levels. And put an immediate check to what you eat daily. Diet control is the most effective way till today to keep gout under check.

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