Cucumber Skin

Cucumber Skin

Cucumber Skin - Cucumber Juice - Cucumber Eye » Benefits of CucumberYou must have seen and wondered why people apply cucumber on their eyes after long hours of work or after watching TV. Cucumbers are the natural eye pads which help in removing the puffiness and tiredness from one’s eyes. Moreover, they help in reducing swelling and dark circles from one’s eyes. In addition, cucumber is also beneficial for health purposes as it helps in kidney and urinary bladder disease, liver disease and also in pancreatic diseases.

Mostly composed of water, cucumber is also a pack of nutritious value. The flesh of cucumbers is a good source of vitamin A, C and folic acid. It’s also rich in fiber and a variety of minerals like magnesium, silica and potassium. Cucumber is the best natural diuretic known which helps in the secretion and the promotion of the flow of urine.

The potassium content of cucumber helps in keeping one’s blood pressure in check and the enzyme present in it helps in the digestion of protein. Moreover, being a good source of silica, cucumber helps in strengthening of one’s connective tissues.

Cucumber helps in skin problems like sunburn, swellings and dermatitis. It helps in promoting a healthy skin as the nutrients present in it help to combat all skin related problems. It has thus become a part of beauty products like face packs and facials as it helps in smoothening and softening of one’s skin.

Moreover, the high amount of water present in it makes it natural cooling agent .The high silicon and sulphur content of cucumber helps in promoting the growth of one’s hair. The result gets maximized when one adds the juice of cucumber to the juice of carrot, lettuce and spinach. Cucumber juice is also helpful in the treatment of diseases related to teeth and gums.

The regular intake of cucumber is beneficial for the overall health of one’s internal and external self. While it helps in the prevention and cure of various diseases, it is also beneficial as a beauty product as it acts like a magic wand for all one’s skin problems.

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