Cure Baldness

Cure Baldness

Cure Baldness - Baldness Treatment - DHT Hair Loss » Four Popular Cures for Baldness in MenUnlike women, males tend to get bald more often and more commonly. There are millions of bald men in US. Considering the number of men suffering from this condition, a billion dollar industry on baldness products has emerged.

But then, there are only a few popular cures for baldness which are really capable of producing results. Let us consider some of these:


FDA has approved only a single drug as treatment for androgenic alopecia, i.e. hereditary loss of hair. This is Finasteride. The drug works through inhibiting free testosterone from converting into DHT. If pregnant women use this, the child may be born with defects. In males it may cause prolonged erectile dysfunction and its costs are not reimbursed by insurance.

Natural cures

Natural cures are effective, but in some cases they may not work. Saw palmetto by far is the best natural cure, which has shown similar remedial possibilities as finasteride, and unlike the drug has no side effects. On the contrary, it is good for prostate glands.


This is a surgical procedure in which follicles from the hair on the side of the hair, which are less receptive to DHT hormone, are removed and then implanted on the patches on the scalp.

The growth of hair would be similar to that on the sides of your head. It is a long drawn and expensive process, even as the hair grows slowly, and it may not sport a natural look, making some people feel uncomfortable.

Topical Applications

Minoxidil, available off-the-counter, is the only drug approved by FDA to cure male baldness and is effective in a number of people. It boosts blood circulation to hair follicles while protecting them from any damage DHT can cause. Redness and burning sensation may follow topical application.

Many other topical gels and ointments are ineffective. Massaging scalp can stimulate blood circulation to hair follicles. Nutrients like magnesium can help cure baldness. Saw palmetto herb can be effective.

If there is sudden hair loss, even as you put on weight, look for some other internal factors. Inherited baldness can be treated easily, but the treatment is time consuming.

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