Cure for hair fall

Cure for hair fall

Cure for hair fall - Home Remedies For Hair Loss - Natural Hair Care Tips - How to Promote Hair Growth | Tips on - Find TipsHair is like a precious ornament for any women, irrespective of any age. Working women, especially, find it difficult to maintain hair. One of the major hair problems is hair fall. It certainly makes us women sad.

Why Does Hair Fall?

In men, the hormone testosterone is responsible for hair growth. Similarly, in women, estrogen hormone is responsible for hair growth. When proper amount of estrogen is not produced, hair begins to fall.

Apart from this, other causes are genes, severe illness, post pregnancy blues, rapid weight loss and prolonged anxiety and stress, scalp infection and dandruff. In Ayurvedic understanding, hair fall is a result of an increased amount of ‘vata’ (element of air) and ‘pita’ (element of fire) in human body.

Natural Remedies:

- Include in daily diet rich proteins such as milk, yeast, tofu, yoghurt, lentils, green leafy vegetables etc.

- Do not use hair dryers, hair rollers, chemicals, gels, hair colours on a daily basis.

- Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner; refrain from elaborate and tight hairstyles. Leave the hair as carefree as possible.

- Mix a spoon of wheat germ with regular flour while making flour based foods.

- Drink a vegetable juice of carrot, Indian gooseberry, curry leaves, and ginger daily or else a glass of juice made of spinach, lettuce and beetroot.

- Seeds are good for hair. Try eating flax seeds or walnut or almonds or pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds in the morning.

- For an overnight remedy: apply almond oil mixed with olive oil on the scalp with a few drops of lemon juice. Wash off in the morning.

- Take zinc supplements to promote hair growth.

- Maintain a regular eating time. Do not drink and smoke, even if it is passive smoking.

- For regular treatment, make a powder pack of lime seeds and black pepper taken in equal proportions. Mix with water and apply on the scalp regularly.

- Once a week, massage the scalp with almond oil and castor oil.

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