Cures for Bad Breath

Cures for Bad Breath

Cures for Bad Breath - Causes of Bad Breath & How To Get Rid of Bad Breath » Bad Breath: Causes And CureBad breath or halitosis is probably one of the best weapons one can employ to destruct a positive impression. A foul mouth odor portrays a poor personal hygiene and completely changes how another person perceives you.

One might have a great personality, amazing looks and might be a good conversationalist; but when one emits foul odor while speaking, the entire impression changes. Whatever effort one has made to create a good image goes to waste because of this small oversight.

Most of the times we remain unaware about mouth odor; until someone kindly brings it to our notice. Once we are made aware about this, we should make all the effort to alleviate this superfluous impediment. If left unchecked, bad breath can ruin our social, professional and personal relationships.

Causes: There are many underlying causes of bad breath, some of which can be easily prevented and alleviated. Stomach ailments are sometimes responsible for mouth odor. Problems like a bad liver, ulcer, gastric troubles etc can be a reason for that foul odor being emitted from your mouth.

Chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes and cigars etc can also contribute to bad mouth odor and needs to be kept in check for it to be prevented. Bacteria present in the mouth leads to a foul smell; especially when these bacteria multiply due to health and other conditions. Also eating garlic or onion and not brushing the teeth immediately afterwards can cause temporary mouth odor.

Cure and prevention: Halitosis can be cured depending on what has lead to the condition in the first place.For a smoker, care should be taken to prevent mouth odor by chewing gum or mint after each smoke and brushing frequently in a day.

For stomach problems, a physician should be consulted to get rid of the problems first, before the mouth odor can be cured. Unless the stomach troubles are cured, bad breath will be difficult to get rid of. Drinking a good amount of water also helps in removing stomach problems and cleaning the mouth of food particles from inside the mouth.

For bacteria prevention, one should brush twice a day and also clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner every day. Flossing is also a routine which should be regularly followed to get rid of the hidden food particles between the teeth. Mouth wash which contains peroxide and toothpaste which contain fluoride also works on relieving mouth odor. To prevent bad bacteria from developing in the stomach, one should eat yoghurt which helps to promote good bacteria in the gut.

There are some foods which help in maintaining a fresh mouth odor. Green tea, mint, betel leaves, parsley etc help in maintaining a cleaner breath. Likewise some food like garlic, onion, spicy food etc should be avoided as they produce a foul smell.

Maintaining a clean hygiene is very important for getting that fresh, clean feeling inside the mouth. Also it is very important to go for a regular dental check-up once every six months to check the general dental health as well as identify any underlying issues.

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