Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime - What is cyber crime - Cyber crime prevention - Computer cyber crime » Cyber CrimeWith technology scaling new heights, new types of crimes too have taken birth- the latest and more dangerous being the cyber crime. Cyber crime is one in which the computer forms the main weapon. The computer created by genius minds can now be used to commit various crimes like financial crimes, sale of illegal articles, pornography, online gambling, hacking, forgery, Trojan attacks, and the latest being using emails and computer for spreading terrorism. A creation of human beings, computers can be used for attaining new heights of success and can also be used as a weapon of crime.

Given ahead are some reasons why cyber crime is gradually increasing. First of all, computer can store large data in small space making it convenient. The complex technology always leaves a space for error and hackers can easily take benefit of this loophole. The reason why cyber crime is growing day by day is because people find this as an effective way of making easy money as well as gaining fame. You would be surprised to know that there is a whole group of professional hackers who are employed with huge packages to hack the site of rivals for gaining company’s information. Some people commit cyber crime in frustration with their job and with life in general. There are others who find this as a way of gaining fame and money. You must remember that people who indulge in this crime are those with bright brains as not everyone is that brainy to use computer for crime. However, unfortunately, such people use their genius in the negative direction. Many children today also indulge themselves in crimes like pornography due to wrong peer influence or simply due to inquisitiveness. Terrorism via email threats is another problem area which is growing in today’s world.

Public awareness is essential to prevent cyber crimes. You need to keep your system safe and highly secure from these unauthorized and dangerous threats. Similarly, children should be encouraged to have good company and you should keep a check on them so that they are not led astray. Moreover, steps should be taken to ensure that people with brains do not utilize their grey cells in negative direction.

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