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Dance Instructor

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Dance is one of beautiful art and is a good exercise too. If you can dance well and you have a good passion for dancing then you can start a dance school by your own. You can start it in your home provided you have space there. If you are working them also you can manage a dance class as a side business.

Tips to Start a Dance Class

1. There are a variety of dances including classical dance, ballet dance, break dance, disco, ball room, swing or line dance etc. You have to choose one or a combination of dances that you can teach others.

2. Decide the place on which you are going to start the class. If you have good space at your home you can start the class at your own home. You can also choose a room in any of the near by fitness centers, music shop, community hall etc. You can also find a partner who is having enough space at their home and can offer you a hand in your business.

3. While choosing the room try to get one with a wooden floor. It will be easier to dance on a wooden floor than on a concrete floor. If you are planning a ballet dance then ask your owners permission to put bars in the room.

4. Try to hang a mirror on the front wall so that you can watch your students while showing steps to them. The students can see them self and can make alterations in the style and can make better movements.

5. If you have more children than expected then you can hire teachers having the same style of yours to mange the class. You can also hire teacher expertise in different types of dances to teach different types of dances in your dance class.

6. Give good advertisement about your dance class in news paper, schools, health clubs etc. You can even start a web page about your dance class. Highlight the benefits of dancing in your website and in your marketing strategies.

You can earn a good amount of income from this business and also satisfy your passion.

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