Dandruff Remedy

Dandruff Remedy

Dandruff Remedy - Causes and Treatment Of Dandruff - Dandruff Cure » The Causes and Cure of DandruffOne of today’s common problems most people face is dandruff. It is a skin condition which produces shiny silvery scales which separate from the scalp and sticks to the hair. They can sometime fall to other parts of the body, on dresses especially after combing. Dandruff causes some itching sensation when the hair is combed or brushed. Dandruff can be very embarrassing because it is nasty to look at. Dandruff can happen to anybody at any age.

Causes of dandruff
Dandruff could be caused by many things. When you start getting dandruff you might be having some hormonal imbalances, it could also be a symptom of general poor health. Also, emotional stress, poor personal hygiene and excessive use of hair sprays could lead to development of dandruff. The condition could also be inherited as some families find dandruff common to them.

Treating dandruff
Dandruff like most other health conditions can be treated. The good news is that most of the solutions can be said to be home based. Here are a few of them.
1. Using mild shampoos. If you want to solve the problem of dandruff, you must refrain from using strong shampoos which often lead to dryness. Use the mildest shampoos available.
2. Eat well. Good nutrition is very necessary for controlling dandruff. You must especially increase your intake of Vitamin B. The fats in flax seed and nuts have great benefits for the promotion of a healthy scalp in addition to the other benefits the body derives from them.
3. Garlic. Taken in its raw form or mixed with foods, garlic is a well known remedy for dandruff.
4. Exercise. You need to exercise so that you can sweat a lot if you want to overcome the problem of dandruff.
5. Regular brushing. If you brush your hair regularly you will reduce the amount of dandruff in your hair. Irregular brushing allows it to pile ready to fall off the day you pass the comb.
If after doing all this and the problem still persist, then you will have to see a dermatologist.

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