Dangers Of Gum Disease

Dangers Of Gum Disease

Dangers Of Gum Disease - Causes Of Gum Disease - Symptoms And Treatments Of Gum Disease » Dangers of Gum DiseaseCaused usually by bacterial infections, gum diseases are a prime reason for growing cavities in people of all age groups, including children. Plaque, tartar, calculus, gingivitis, periodontitis, pyorrhea, periodontal disease and others are all forms of gum diseases. While we all are aware of the fact that gum diseases lead to cavity formation, bad breath and even tooth loss, there are various other dangers associated with gum disease. Given below are such dangers which highlight the importance of having gums and teeth in proper and healthy condition.

Gum diseases are symptomized by red, bleeding and swollen gums and persistent bad breath. If you think that gum disease is limited to being a dental problem, you are wrong. This is because gum diseases can also increase a person’s risk to serious ailments like heart damage, stroke and also pneumonia. The risk of fatal heart attack is in fact very high in people with gum diseases. This is because it has been found that gum infections trigger the production of inflammatory cytokines which in turn can lead to heart attack and strokes. It has also been found that gum diseases can aggravate diabetes. Also, the recent research has found out that pregnant women with gum diseases are more likely to have a premature baby than their healthy counterparts.

Having known the various dangers of gum disease, it is important to prevent and treat it as soon as possible. Making regular brushing and flossing a regular habit is a necessary hygiene dental step. Scrape your tongue as that can contain various disease causing organisms and inflammatory chemicals. Also remember that a healthy diet plays an important role in preventing gum diseases. Thus, follow these tips and keep yourself protected form gum diseases which in turn will prevent you from not only falling teeth and bad breath, but also from serious ailments like heart attacks, diabetes and strokes.

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