Dangers of Obesity

Dangers of Obesity

Dangers of Obesity - Symptoms of Obesity - Treatment of Obesity - Risk Factors of Obesity | Tips on - Find TipsObesity is considered as the root for various health problems. Obesity occurs when there is presence of extra fat in body and the consumption of fat is less. Obesity is considered to be a major risk factor for coronary artery disease. Various other diseases which occur due to
obesity are:-

1) High blood pressure
2) Diabetes
3) High cholesterol
4) Asthma
5) Joints pain
6) Increased chances of stroke
7) Diabetes
Dangers of Obesity - Symptoms of Obesity - Treatment of Obesity - Risk Factors of Obesity | Tips on - Find Tips Gout
9) Sleep apnea
10) Premature death

Above are some of the serious diseases which occur only because of
obesity. Obese person suffers from emotional distress because he
feels shy to communicate in society. Some of the symptoms of obesity

1) Shortness of breath
2) Addiction to high cholesterol food
3) Backache
4) Always feeling tired

Treatment of Obesity includes:-

1) Change lifestyle:- Change of western lifestyle can help to reduce

2) Increased physical activity: – Increase in physical activity helps
to consume extra fat which in turn reduces weight.

3) Counseling with health expert: – To loose weight under the guidance
of some health expert is the best way to get rid of obesity.

4) Routine planning: – Make some strategy that will gradually change
your habits and attitude.

In fact, to fight with this serious health problem is a strong battle
in itself. Obesity occurs due to addiction of some foods like deep
fried food, high cholesterol meal. Therefore to go against this
addiction requires great will power. Consider how often and how long
you will exercise. Start keeping some record of food activity and try
to improve it day by day. Make realistic eating plan that include
plenty of fruits, green vegetables and water. Eat when you are actually
hungry, try not to overeat.Cutting carbohydrate diet or fat will not
cause loss in weight than a healthful and balanced low-calorie diet

Optional treatment of obesity is surgery. Surgery is the last option,
so try to loose weight by changing lifestyle.

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