Dangers of Passive Smoking

Dangers of Passive Smoking

Dangers of Passive Smoking - Victim of Passive Smoking - Health Effects of Passive Smoking - Respiratory Disorders Symptoms » Dangers of Passive SmokingYou might not smoke but you are still affected if you partner or people in your close vicinity smoke. This is known as passive smoking when you do not smoke but are still vulnerable to inhalation of unhealthy smoke. Just like active smoking, there are various health drawbacks associated with passive smoking.

People who smoke not only damage their own health, but also affect the health and happiness of people around them. Passive smoking has its own set of health dangers and drawbacks. People affected by passive smoking are like those innocent beings who are unnecessarily exposed to various health problems like ear infections, cardiovascular disorders, and even cancer.

If you are exposed to second hand smoke, then you are becoming vulnerable to respiratory disorders, lung cancer and cardiovascular problems. Thus, if you are an active smoker, then along with treading the path of self deterioration, you are also pushing people around you into the black pit of health disorders. This is because it has been found that passive smokers suffer from various respiratory disorders like pneumonia and bronchitis. Additionally, they are also susceptible to ear infections and this problem is predominantly witnessed if the victim of passive smoking is a child.

If you are suddenly finding yourself breathless with symptoms of asthma, then it can be as a result of passive smoking. Additionally, if you are pregnant and are affected by passive smoking, then your child may have problems of low birth weight and its associated problems. also, headaches, coughing and nausea are some of the other problems associated with passive smoking.

Don’t think that your lung and heart is safe just because you don’t smoke. You would be shocked to hear that you are extremely vulnerable to heart, lung and other problems just being a passive smoker. Thus, you need to avoid your proximity with smokers and if your near and dear one smokes, then you need to make him aware of the various dangers of active as well as passive smoking.

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