Dating Nightmares To Avoid

Dating Nightmares To Avoid

Dating Nightmares To Avoid - Avoiding Bad Dates » Dating Nightmares to AvoidDating is supposed to be fun and a prelude to a more wonderful relationship. The romance offered by dating is wonderful and you can’t help but imagine when you will have your next date. However, it is not all dates that prove wonderful. There are certain dates that show signs of trouble and disaster from day one.

It all depends on the person you are dating. If the person show signs that there could be an unhealthy relationship from your dates, it will be wiser to avoid having dates with such people altogether, the earlier the better.

What are the signs that you should be watching out for? Who are these types of people that you should avoid having romantic relationships with?

Avoid those on the rebound

These are guys or girls who have just had a break-up from a relationship. They may be looking for someone to make them forget about the past. The problem with this is that he/she will not appreciate you fully because he will all the time be focussing on the old person and comparing you to him/her.

Avoid a megalomaniac

It is very easy to identify such a person. This is a person who will talk all about him/herself. They might be listening to what you say, but they will not pay attention to you. They are quick to start talking about themselves as soon as they get the chance, they will not wait for you to finish. You cannot have a good relationship with someone who cares only about him/herself.

Avoid the conditional date

These are people who are just glued to formalities. They will spend time talking about how you should call each other. They start by trying to define the kind of relationship they expect, like saying that the relationship is an open one. They may set a particular day and or time with no flexibility. They may impose a lot of conditions on the date that you will think it is a contract.

Avoid the freeloader

These are guys who expect you to pay the bill all the time. It is good to give him a treat once in a while, but the guy who wants you keep on spending on him is not the right one for you.

The above points will help you avoid bad dates.

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