Dating women

Dating women

Dating women - Dating ideas - Dealing with jealous - Dating genuine women » Dating better womenDating being on the forefront, demands much attention from us. If we keep an eye on detail, we can definitely make this happening more effective. Guys, who take dating seriously should also take notice of their likes and dislikes and choose their girl likewise. Most of the time luck ruins the game but if you really want to make it work you should weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Indian men always look out for outright girls for the dating game but when it comes to the family circle they obviously don’t like the idea of girls being overtly independent or outdoorsy. It’s totally a different ball game in the abroad. Though it is no different regarding who bosses whom. Nevertheless, men would be men; they came first and down the line came women. Women would definitely not appreciate the idea someone boss them around and they obey every orders happily. So guys, point is if you want your girl to be forever yours don’t mess with her. She is very sensible about her feelings and wants you to reciprocate the same way. She would want you to have some common sense with a tinge of good humor.

It is always prudent to try to look through her eyes and you would be perfectly clear about what she wants. Be genuine while expressing your feelings to her. But be vocal whatever it is and put your likes and dislikes in front of her. She may be a genuine person, a lovey dovey or if you aren’t lucky enough may be you would be dealing with someone clingy, typically jealous, and possessive or some slut you find out to your surprise. But you must be clear about your point in dating her, or be left at your own risk. But try to know her beforehand. Then most of your worries would be vanished. That’s all about dating a woman, so just be sure you are absolutely head on for it.

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