Dealing With High Blood Pressure

Dealing With High Blood Pressure

Dealing With High Blood Pressure - Healthy Blood Pressure Diet - Low Blood Pressure Symptoms | Tips on - Find TipsBlood pressure are of two kinds: High blood pressure and low blood pressure. These conditions refer to the pressure that flowing-blood makes on the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure lower than 120/80 mm Hg is considered ideal. Unlike other diseases what exactly causes blood pressure is still very uncertain and more importantly you could have high blood pressure for a long time without any symptoms!

High blood pressure: Also known as hypertension, it is usually connected to the salt intake of the person and the patient is advised to reduce his or her salt intake. This condition also occurs due to narrowing of arteries, an abnormality in the kidney or the aorta, which is the large artery carrying blood from the heart.

Low blood pressure: Unlike high blood pressure, the symptoms of low blood pressure appear sooner. Tiredness, headaches and fainting are some symptoms. Low blood pressure can occur due to other reasons like nerve disorders or prolonged bed rest, decrease in blood volume due to severe bleeding or dehydration.

Diet: Make sure you have a healthy diet with all vitamins and minerals. Ask your doctor for advice. Eat food with less salt if you do have blood pressure. Sodium increases the amount of fluid in the vascular system. Choose food with low calories and fat and high amounts of fibre and starch. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Exercise daily: Maintain your body weight. Exercising regularly will keep many diseases at bay. It will improve your blood circulation and make your body more flexible.

Get your blood pressure checked regularly. Blood pressure causes many complications. Heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure are some of them. Therefore if you are over the age of thirty five you should do regular check ups. If you have diabetes or high cholesterol levels it is very important that you check your blood pressure on a regular basis.

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