Dealing With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Dealing With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Dealing With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace - Discrimination In The Workplace - Workplace Sexual Harassment » Workplace Discrimination – Dealing with Sexual HarassmentAs most working women do, you may have had to go through tough periods and tricky situations at work, instances that may broadly be categorized as workplace discrimination. Gender discrimination at work is nothing new – gender discrimination has been on for years, ever since women started working at places where men did.

And given the fact that gender inequality is a social phenomenon, there can be nothing startling at the fact that career women have still not got their statuses on par with their male counterparts – office is a part of the society and the same men are found at work, who have made society an unfair place for women.

To face sexual harassment or gender discrimination at work demands that working women accept the fact that there is discrimination at work. To resist facts of life may not be the best idea when dealing social issues. The first step, hence, in dealing with gender issues at work would be to accept and acknowledge the existence of differences between men and women – resistance would not change things.

Once you have accepted things as they are, you need to actively participate in changing what you cannot accept. There are people who live with situations without trying to do anything about it. It is these people who have to undergo high stress levels and mental tension, as they try to put up with something for years together. If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, deal with the situation.

The best way to deal with sexual harassment would be to state assertively, verbally or otherwise, that you would have no part of the nonsense. In dealing with workplace harassment, it takes a lot more than just opposition to advances to overcome the situation. Your words, your tone, your expression and your body language should all be in line with the message that you want to convey to your opponent.

If you do not exhibit assertive behavior to begin with, if you are not firm in your initial resistance, if you are lenient or reluctant at the first instance, you have already lost your game. Firm response, without resorting to aggressive reactions, while conveying the unambiguous message that you are not party to fooling around in the workplace, is the only way to deal with harassment and nip it in the bud.

And that is the easiest way to deal with the situation as well, rather than letting the situation go out of hand and then trying to get to terms with the new reality.

Sexual harassment is a sensitive issue and the law is with you. But, if you do not take the initiative and show the will power to deal with it, you would have to live with the consequences.

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