Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Dealing With Sibling Rivalry - How to Stop Conflicts Between Children - Tips to Handle Sibling Rivalry - How to Control Children’s Aggression | Tips on - Find TipsIt is natural for kids to fight with each other but no one wants to live in a house in which there are conflicts all the time. Here are some ways in which you can bring about a more harmonious environment in your home.

Do not fight with your spouse in front of your kids

Children learn through imitating and whether you like to accept it or not you will realize if you pay attention, that your child speaks and acts like the people they spend most of his or her time with. If you have violent arguments with your spouse your kids will do the same.

Do not get involved

Even if you do want to intervene, separate them for a while and wait for their emotions to die down as well as yours. Trying to ask your kids who started it and who did what is not going to help. Your reaction will only make them misbehave even more and feel that you are favouring one over the other. Instead set ground rules for acceptable behaviour. Make it very clear that reacting in an aggressive way no matter how provoked, will result in certain consequences. This will help children learn skills which will help them for life- to accept another point of view, to control their temper etc.

Give each child their own space and your time

Fighting sometimes takes place to get parents attention. Give each child your time and do something with him or her which they want to do.They do not necessarily have to play together all the time. Make sure that you do not let one sibling always tag along. Let each one have their own friends. Make each one feel special and never compare them with anyone. Each child is special no matter how annoying they may be!

Get professional help

Do not hesitate to get professional help. Do not feel guilty about your child’s behaviour if he or she is causing severe harm to those around them.You are not responsible for everything that your child does. Do not take it personally. Children are not born with a book of guidelines in their hand with how to bring them up so you are also learning. Do not stop that learning process. Be willing to learn and control your attitude that you always know what is best for them.

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