Decision after marriage

Decision after marriage

Decision after marriage - Marriage problems - Tips for couples after marriage - Marriage and the family » Till Death Do Us PartSo you have decided to finally take the plunge and spend the rest of your life with the woman of your dreams. You feel pins and needles in your stomach and are all excited about your decision then you begin to feel a bit scared. If you begin to feel a fear coming on it is time you went to see a pre-marital counseling professional – yes the guy or gal who will probably keep you away from the marriage counselor! However, doing so might be giving your marriage the best chance at success.

You should be able to answer a few crucial questions about your marriage such as if both of you are agreeable on procreating, I mean having children of your own. Many married couples do not even speak on the topic before marriage and go ahead with their plans in the belief that such issues will naturally sort themselves out over a period of time. Nothing can be further from the truth. One disagreeing partner is all that it will take to break up this institution. So talk about it, talk about how many children you want and reach a complete agreement.

Discuss the faith your children are going to be raised in as also the chances of moving after marriage. Your partner should be agreeable to live with you where ever you need to earn a decent living. This is a very grave point of contention when on needs to move home. Shifting over seas is particularly a problem with many couples, so discuss the possibilities very minutely and reach a mutual agreement and decide to stick to it.

Spending your holidays and celebrations is another thing that needs to be discussed at length. Most couples are fighting on who spends more time at whose in-laws place. So come to a decision on this matter and ensure that both the old folks get an equal share of your time. Christmas day and other religious festivals should be shared with both in-laws. So better put on that thinking cap and come up with a plan.

Lest we forget the most important discussion of all – finances!! You should reach an agreement how much you will be putting away for your home and holidays. Chalk out the important expenses and reach an agreement on who decides on the purchases of things such as furniture and stuff – then honor the agreement.

Once you have all these decisions taken care of and you mutually agree to them you are fit for a healthy and happy married life.

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