Decorating Tips For Women’s Bathroom » Ideas For A Woman’s Bathroom

Decorating Tips For Women’s Bathroom » Ideas For A Woman’s Bathroom

Decorating Tips For Women’s Bathroom » Ideas For A Woman’s BathroomMost women spend a considerable amount of time every day in the bathroom. They use this most private space to unwind with a luxurious bath after a hectic day or pamper themselves with beauty treatments. They prefer to keep it clean and organized as well as embellish it with various accents and accessories.

So it is important to create a bath space for women that is lavish but tranquil and restful. If you are constructing a new house and have adequate space, then you can surely create a sumptuous bathroom.

But if space is at a premium, do not worry, you can still accomplish the feat, may be at a smaller scale. The effect can also be achieved if you are just planning to give a facelift to your bathroom and your budget is limited.


First decide as to what are your requirements and the space available, what type of bath area you prefer, whether you want storage and wash area, if the bathroom receives adequate light, if you want a vanity area etc. You can consult your architect or flip through design magazines to get ideas regarding design possibilities.

You can also survey the market and stores as to what are the latest available models of bathroom fittings and their prices. If you like to have something unusual, do visit the flea market and collect some handmade tiles or a stain-glass lamp or an antique ceramic accessory for your counter top.


Have you always dreamt of a bath tub to soak after a hard day? Then get it installed. They are available in all shapes – round, oval, square, rectangle and corner tubs. And you can have your pick from a range of materials like porcelain, acrylic, marble, fibreglass, stone and even cast-iron.

If you like something funky, you can also get tubs in the shape of a dolphin, high-heel shoes or hanging like a hammock– some with beautiful mosaic designs on the outside and some also with legs or stand. Some even combine beauty and functionality and provide storage space on the rim or with racks at the side. So there are a wide variety of tubs to pander to every taste. You just have to choose the right one as per your taste and pocket.

However, if you are in a mood for a dash of luxury, do not hesitate to get home a whirlpool or Jacuzzi to create a chic retreat in the comfort of your home. Some of these come with features like hydromassage, water sensing, chromotherapy lights, FM radio, bath disinfection, pulsating massage and remote control.

But if you do not have enough space or do not fancy a tub, then a shower enclosure or cubicle would be ideal for your bathroom. These are also available in various shapes and sizes to suit different bathroom spaces and have features like shower tray, water waste trap, curtain rails, towel rack, grab rails, anti-bacterial curtain.

Moreover, they will help you separate the wet area from the dry one. And if you go a bit further and order for a steam shower cabin, you will no longer need to step out of your house for a spa treatment. These multi-functional cubicles have massage selectors, body jets, thermostatic mixer and more.


Colour plays an important role in the life of a woman. And therefore most women like myriad hues in their house. Leave behind clinical white or uninteresting pastels. Introduce vibrant colour in your bathroom through tiles in shades like delicious chocolate, soothing sage green, romantic pink-purple, sunshine yellow-orange—whatever you fancy.

You can use some designer tiles with motifs to create borders around the tub and basin area. Form interesting patterns on the floor and wall by mixing tiles of different colours and sixes.

Decorating Tips For Women’s Bathroom » Ideas For A Woman’s Bathroom

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Get your sanitary wares in matching or contrasting shades with the tiles or with motifs to produce your own style. Get your creative juices flowing while selecting the basin. Think beyond the usual porcelain and bring home a hand-painted glass or ceramic basin with some Oriental or Mexican design.

They will immediately add sparkle to the space. For your countertop, you can either stick to colourful tiles or select from marble, granite or coloured glass. Now look for bath accessories to match the colour scheme and style of your bathroom.

Enhance your mood with towels in plain colours or with imaginative geometric or fancy floral prints. Extend the colour scheme with matching shower curtains, bath mats and curtains in the window.


Storage is an important aspect for a woman’s bathroom. If you like warm colours, go for wooden cabinets with doors to keep the clutter away from view and store your lotions, towels and other accessories. You may also consider open shelves as they will ensure that your items are easily accessible and the bright and vibrant coloured towels will enhance the colour scheme of the room.

Build storage space on the wall and under the basin to organize your daily necessities. You may also store your towels and toiletries in baskets on the countertop or under the sink. Reflective surfaces and right lighting together can give a small space the illusion of a bigger room. So use mirrors on the cabinet surface and also on the walls to make the room look bigger.


Many women love to have a vanity in their bathroom. If you have sufficient space, it would be a good idea. Get floor-to-ceiling mirrors and cabinets in the vanity to pamper yourself like a princess. Buying an ornately framed mirror in an oval or round shape is the first step.

Choose dresser in Victorian style or in cherry woodwork Classical style or exotic Tropical style with lots of shelves, lights and decorative items to make it a haven of luxury and comfort. Install big cabinets for lots of storage space. Paint them in some soft feminine shades and combine with various other textures and design elements for a chic and elegant style.


The appeal of this space can be further enhanced with accessories like framed pictures, shells, candles etc. You can decorate some oceanic accents like shells in different sizes in a tray next to the bath tub. A ceramic figure or decorative item can adorn your counter top or one of the shelves. A few magazines will fill your time while you are soaking in the tub.

A few aromatic candles in a basket will make a romantic setting. Decorate some fresh flowers in a vase on the basin counter and a green plant in a small planter will usher in greenery into the space.

And yes, if your bathroom has a great view, utilize it with a big window to bring nature inside. Added to this, a great design with a combination of style and colour, your bathroom will definitely become an exotic and deluxe restroom. Enhance your mood with a tall glass and soft music while you soak in a tub full of fresh rose petals and feel the magic unfold.

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