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Decorative Tile

Decorative Tile - Home Design Tile - Home Decorating Tile » Give Magical Touch To Your Home With Designer TilesHey people thinking to renovate your home? Then try out some designer tiles on the floor. Believe me, designer tiles in vibrant colors and patterns certainly give your home a magical touch.

Tiles are the new fashion statements for homes. Tiles in shades of brown, beige and earth tones or icy grey, green and cool blue of European apartments are highly recommended for Indian homes. So don’t think much! Get the designer tiles affixed in your homes. The rich and natural colors of these tiles suit the Indian climate and temperature.

Marble is losing its importance and edge due to inflation, competitive pricing and changing demands in the real estate industry. It also weighs more and lacks tonal varieties when compared to the new range of fashion tiles in the market.

Designer tiles are cheap as compared to marble. Moreover, you will be glad to read that market is flooded with new range of natural stone, slate, marble finish and embossed tile targeted at fashionable homemakers, who have the aspiration, disposal income and the sense of adventure to try out new tile fittings.

Do you know that the latest trends in the tile segment in India swing between two extremes? Tiles with metallic textures and patterns embossed in gold and silver are hot in high-end luxury homes that prefer an opulent look. Tile with natural finish of marble and wood are sought after in apartment blocks and in utility homes.

You can go for natural tiles drawn from designs across Europe in both matt and smooth finish. Gold embossed embroidered tiles can be used either as wallpapers or even as panel highlighting on the wall. So what’s more are you thinking off? Just try your favorite designer tile and give all together a new touch to your home.

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