Deep Frying

Deep Frying

Deep Frying - Deep Frying Tips - Foodstuff - Deep Frying Vegetables - Deep Frying Chicken - Deep Frying Recipes - Deep Frying Fish » Deep frying tips for you ladies-check it out!Deep frying your food can be an easy task for some women, but do you know even deep frying have its own set of do’s and don’t. Remember when deep frying there are certain things that must be achieved and certain things that must be done to achieve them. So here’s the list for same-just go through it!

Make sure your finished product must be crispy and golden, and not soggy or unevenly colored.

Make sure your fried foodstuff should not be dripping oil, having absorbed only the least possible amount of fat content.

The vegetables should be moist and juicy and no overcooking allowed.

Make sure that the oil that you using for deep frying your vegetables is clean and not overused. Always keep the oil covered when not in use.

Always strain the oil after use and make it a habit of not using the oil for deep frying more than twice. Also, don’t use it for varying flavors, as strong flavors can over power subtle ones.

Fry the small amounts of vegetables at a time.

Use oil that smokes only at a very high temperature. Make sure the oil is very very hot before you drop the stuff for deep frying, say 180 degree Celsius. This will prevent too much greasiness. Do remember that as soon as you put the items into the vessel, the temperature drops, therefore after removing the one load, wait for the oil to get back to the desired temperature before you put in your next load.

The vessel must never be overfilled. Also, make sure you do not fry too long before you are planning to serve-the taste is never the same.

Never add salt while something is being fried.

Don’t forget to remove any excess water or breadcrumbs off the item before frying the vegetables.

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