Delete Files Permanently from your Computer

Delete Files Permanently from your Computer

Delete Files Permanently from your Computer - How to Delete Files Permanently from your Computer - How to Recover Deleted Files from your Computer | Tips on - Find TipsIf you thought that by deleting a file from your computer, you could prevent any unauthorized person from gaining access to your file, then you are mistaken. File retrieval software can retrieve the files, which you thought were safely disposed by your Recycle Bin.

When you delete a file, your system recognizes the space vacated by your deleted file is now available for usage. However, the file still remains in your hard drive, until Windows reuse the space, which was officially marked as available for use. There is no time span within which the space will be used by Windows. Until Windows covers the space, your deleted file remains in your hard drive, waiting to be recovered.


To remove the deleted files safely from your hard drive, you could uses shredders. Shredders use a process, known as shredding, where a program is used for rewriting the deleted files a number of times using random series of binary data. No software has yet been developed that can read these overwritten files. There are a number of free shredding software, which can be downloaded from the internet to prevent recovery of deleted files. They have integrated disk cleaner and data cleaner to clean the entire hard drive.

Recovering deleted file

If you want to recover a deleted file, you can use file retrieval software, many of which are freely available on the internet. Some popular free file recovery software for Window users are PC Inspector File Recovery, Undeleted Plus, Recuva and Restoration. MAC users however, have to spend some money in buying Data Rescue application for recovering lost data.

Whatever application you opt for, data recovery is quite an easy process. Start the scanning process by simply clicking the program, where your deleted file was stored. You will get a huge list of file names. Once you locate the file name and the file type you were searching for, you can instantly save the file wherever you want to save it.

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