Delft Travel Guide & Information

Delft Travel Guide & Information

Delft is a popular tourist destination of Netherlands. Delft is famous for the great painter Johannes Vermeer. Not only because of this great artist but Delft is also famous for the particular type of pottery named ‘delftware’. Delft Travel Guide & Information

Delftware’ is actually blue-and-white pottery which was first made by the 17th century artisans and it was also believed that they actually duplicated it from the Chinese porcelain. Apart from the canal lined streets, old buildings and many other things really captivate the tourists. One should not miss Delft while travelling Netherlands.

Attractions: Since ‘Delftware’ is one of the main recognizable things of Delft, one should not miss the main centres where these potteries are made. Royal Delft is the main ‘delftware’ factory of 5this very town. This factory is working from at least 1650s.

It only takes 25 minutes to reach the factory from the town’s centre. Aardewerkatelier de Candelaer is considered to be the central and main ‘delftware’ outfit. Some of the artists of this very place work through the day. If you are lucky enough they will provide you a guided tour in the factory and its manufacturing procedures.

Delft Travel Guide & Information

De Delftse Pauw is another ‘delftware’ factory. Though the artists of this very factory mainly work from home, so while you are visiting the place you will not see any artist actually working here.

Museum Lambert van Meerten is a different type of museum where one will see impressive collection of porcelain tiles and also 16th century ‘delftware’. Nieuwe Kerk actually dates back to 14th century and it has the crypt of the Dutch Royal family.

Delft Travel Guide & Information

Not only that but also it has the mausoleum of Willem the Silent. One can also see different exhibitions about the House of Orange and also the church. Oude Kerk is a fascinating and grand church. It is at least 800 years old and it is actually made in Gothic style.

Among the tombs of the Kerk one is of the great painter Johannes Vermeer. Municipal Museum Het Prinsenhof is actually a former convent. It is here Willem the Silent was assassinated in the year 1584. Now the museum actually displays various things related to the 80-years war with Spain. One can also see many 17th century paintings here.

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