Depression Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis » Suffering From Depression

Depression Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis » Suffering From Depression

Depression Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis » Suffering From DepressionDepression was once considered a disease that afflicted only women, however, it has now been discovered that even men are susceptible to it. The common characteristics of depression which both sexes suffer from are low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, loss of interest, tiredness, changes in appetite, insomnia, etc.

A serious medical condition, depression can lead to irritable, isolated and withdrawn behaviour in men. A characteristic feature of coping with depression is that men begin to absorb themselves in their work, or they take to drinking at all times, perhaps take drugs or indulge in dangerous activities.

If, you find yourself doing all of the above or more, perhaps you’re being chased by what Winston Churchill called his black dog i.e. male depression. To ward off his black dog, Churchill resorted to compulsive overwork and large amounts of brandy. For male depression, their coping strategy could involve reckless driving, risky sex or shutting themselves off from the world. Male depression is dangerous as there is an increased risk of suicide.

Because, men are reluctant to discuss male depression, many men with depression may go undiagnosed, and consequently untreated. Taught that it is unmanly to express common feelings and emotions often associated with depression e.g. sadness, uncertainty, a sense of hopelessness, they see illness, especially mental illness as a threat to their masculinity. They worry about the stigma damaging their careers or about losing the respect of family and friends.

Symptoms of Male Depression

Common signs and symptoms of depression include feeling low, suffering from insomnia, feeling sad, guilty and useless. Other symptoms of male depression often include anger and frustration, violent behaviour, weight loss, risk taking e.g. reckless driving and extramarital sex, loss of concentration, isolation from family and friend, avoiding pleasurable activities, fatigue, loss of interest in work, hobbies and sex, alcohol or substance abuse, misuse of prescription medication, thoughts of suicide.

Male depression also manifests itself in physical symptoms, such as, headaches, digestive disorders and chronic pain.

Job stress is a common trigger of male depression. When male depression goes untreated it can disrupt your life, making you miserably unhappy. It also impacts your health by keeping you constantly responding to stress, which damages organs, including the heart. Depression shortens life and depressed men are twice as likely to die without cause. Depression also increases the risk of divorce with even your children developing symptoms of it. Professionally, male depression makes you less productive, limits your earning potential and increases your risk of losing your job.

Though, there are more women than men who suffer from depression, men are more likely to suffer its worst consequence e.g. suicide. Depression needs to be treated and taken care of and various self-care strategies include the setting of realistic goals, task prioritisation, spending quality time with family and friends, engaging in activities one enjoys, such as, golfing, going to the movies, going fishing, etc.

Depression is not to be taken lightly, especially male depression. It must be treated as soon as one recognises one is suffering from it.

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