Dermal Fillers for Removing Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers for Removing Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers for Removing Wrinkles - Treatment for Wrinkles - Dermal Filler Treatment - Removing Fine Lines or Wrinkles | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are bothered with fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet appearing on your skin, you can use facial or dermal fillers to removes the creases from your skin. Numerous celebrities have used dermal fillers to prevent their skin from sagging. Besides removing fine lines or wrinkles, you can also use dermal fillers to make your lips appear fuller, something that Britney Spears did to her lips with Restylane filler.

Dermal or facial fillers are natural substances, such as hyaluronic acid, which is present in our bodies. These cosmetic fillers are injected directly into the wrinkles, reducing them or making them disappear. Restylane, Radiesse and Juvederm are commonly used as dermal fillers.


To remove the creases around your mouth and nose, to enhance the look of your lips and chin and to erase acne scars, Restylane cosmetic dermal filler is often injected into the specific areas on the skin. Restylane, as a whole, helps to retain the youthful look of your skin. It is made from hyaluronic acid that helps to fill the damaged or missing collagen. It can be used on all types of skin. Some patients instantly realize the benefits of Restylane dermal filler treatment, whereas, it might take about two or three days for others to discover the benefits. It often takes a few days for our skin to absorb the additional hyaluronic acid. The treatment is painless with minimal side effects. Side effects include redness, mild discomfort and slight inflammation, which recover within two or three days. The treatment lasts for about six months.


Radiesse comprises of a biocompatible, water-based gel made of calcium-based micro spheres. It works along with the natural tissue of the skin. Besides filling the lost or damaged collagen, Radiesse also stimulates production of new healthy collagen. Being biocompatible, Radiesse causes no allergic reactions. This painless treatment helps to retain the youthful appearance of your skin for about a year. Side effects of this treatment include minor swelling that subsides within a day.


Made from hyaluronic acid, Juvederm hydrates the skin by filling the lost or damaged acid. It works best for removing smile lines and creases formed around mouth and nose.

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