Designing Kids Bathroom

Designing Kids Bathroom

Designing Kids Bathroom - How To Design A Kids Bathroom - Color Pattern For Kids Bathroom » Designing kids bathroom-Read this!Hey people, are you thinking about designing your kid’s bathroom? Well certainly you need to keep certain things in your mind so that your kid can safely use the bathroom in your absence without difficulties. Read this article below as it ill guide you on various such designing ways.

If you are planning to affix bathtub in your kids bathroom , then ensure that its depth is less (shallow).also, make sure that all the products used are soft, round edged and have angular finish to minimize the injuries in case your kid falls or otherwise. Make sure that the colors used and finish of every product is non-toxic in nature. It is very important to check that all products used by kids have anti-bacterial coating on the ceramic and plastic surfaces and body.

To make your kid’s bathroom more interesting use exciting colors and exotic patterns in creative manner. Children are usually fascinated by neons, dark, bright shades. Use oil paints for doors. Use oil based paints for interiors. The gloss and resistance to water of oil based paints will work best for your bathroom walls.

Keep cleaners ad other hazardous chemicals out of reach. Place them in cupboard with lock or warning sticker that your child understands. Always remember to put towel ring at a height your child can reach. If possible use low height closet and wash basin; if not, put sturdy step stool so your kids can reach the toilet, sink and cabinets. Ensure that the electrical switches and sockets are not at low height and also away from water outlets. Ensure that basins, faucets and cabinets do not have any sharp edges. Use soap and shampoos that are not harmful to your kid’s eyes. Use anti-slip and anti-skid tiles on the floor of the bathroom.

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