Designing Your Small Garden

Designing Your Small Garden

Designing Your Small Garden - Tips For Designing Garden - Designing a Home Garden | Tips on - Find TipsDesign of home garden

You have decided to start your own garden for which the first step will be the designing of your small garden. Your weekends will be quite busy with your home gardening and pass off in a jiffy.

You will be fully occupied in landscaping your backyard, consulting gardening professionals regarding the tips for the gardening, shopping for the best decorative items and other innumerable requirements for landscaping your backyard. At the end of the day, the myriad choices and ideas will make you totally confused.

Tips for designing home garde

Some of the tips that may be of use while designing your home garden are listed below.

1. Remove items not in the plan

any item that is likely to prevent the landscaping of the backyard has to be removed. In case you want to preserve/ move the existing small tree or shrub you should spray them with “Wiltpruf” and this has to be done one day prior to moving them or transferring to different pots. The local nursery normally should have stock of “Wiltpruf”.

2. Mobilize tools required

You need certain tools for working in the garden and it will be helpful if you can prepare and collect all the necessary tools and keep them near you in an accessible location. You may have to sharpen the saw blades or clean the tools required for pruning, shoveling and trimming.

If you are planning to rent equipments you must get the maximum out of them. To facilitate this, you must ensure that all tasks required to be done with the rental equipment as per plan are done at the same time. However, leave some room for flexibility.

3. Cleaning

During heavy rains the gutters in your home garden, if any, might overflow and the water might reach to the roots of the plants. Keep this in mind.

4. Store gardening materials in proper place –

Gardening materials such as block or plants can be got from nearby store. If home delivery of materials is done by your supplier you must allocate space in your home for their storage. If you plan to carry the materials yourself you should ensure that you take it slow, and avoid any back injuries that will take all the pleasure out of the project.

5. Take photographs at various stages –

Lastly, it is advisable to take pictures of your backyard during various stages of transformation of your garden and this includes taking photos before starting the design. This will help in your decision making on what you want to do currently and what you would like to do in future.

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