Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy - Causes Of Diabetes in PregnancyOn many occasions, pregnant women suffer from diabetes. It is not necessary that only those women are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy who have history of same. A woman who never suffered from diabetes can also develop same during pregnancy.

Irrespective of the reason for occurrence of diabetes, diabetes can harm mother as well as growing baby. If diabetes in not controlled in an effective manner during pregnancy, baby can have some sort of birth defects and other similar problems. In mother, it can lead to severe complications. Diabetes can be prevented through adequate healthcare, during and before pregnancy.

If a woman develops diabetes during pregnancy only, it is called as gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes can easily be controlled by adopting some measures. In some cases, administering insulin to the mother becomes necessary so that no harm is caused. It is to be understood that in most of cases, the gestational diabetes disappears as soon as delivery takes place. If it does not disappear, it is called as type-2 diabetes.

In some cases, where diabetes disappeared at the time of child birth, women suffered from type-2 diabetes later on. Thus, it is very important for women, who suffered from gestational diabetes, that she continues preventive measures after the birth of child. Similarly, she should contact her health care provider for next three years so that blood sugar can be checked and kept at normal levels. It has been seen that women who have more than one pregnancy suffer from gestational diabetes. This disorder generally appears in the middle of pregnancy. Health care providers carry out diagnosis for same between 24th and 28th week of pregnancy.

Diabetes in pregnancy can lead to many types of complications. For example, size of baby can become large due to high blood sugar. This creates many problems during delivery. Sometimes, C-section or cesarean is needed for child birth. In some cases, there can be nerve damages done to baby. Similarly, mother can suffer from high blood pressure due to diabetes. It has been researched that low blood sugar conditions can develop if a person takes insulin or other medications for diabetes. Low blood sugar can prove fatal sometimes and calls for immediate treatment. Many women with gestational diabetes suffered from low blood sugar after child birth.

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