Diabetic patients

Diabetic patients

Diabetic patients - Cause of diabetes - Blood cholesterol level - Symptoms of diabetic foot » Are you a diabetic-Read this onHey are you suffering from diabetes? Certainly every problem have their own set of symptoms, likewise diabetic patients do suffers from number of conditions too. Recently researchers on world diabetes day have given a world a word of advice on a new symptom of diabetes. they says if your foot falls asleep often and there are cuts and bruises on it with no foot sensation at all, then it might be a case of diabetes’s all you people out there, check it out does your foot fall asleep often or not?

Certainly diabetes is a big problem affecting the residents of Indian subcontinents as well as Middle East. Undoubtedly, the eating habits as well as the lifestyle of people the Middle East and Indian subcontinents are the major cause of diabetes. Feeding oneself with lot of junk food due to hectic schedules of jobs deprives them from the required amount of nutrition which is needed by body for its proper functioning. Also, the busy schedule leaves them with no time for exercising. Thus the fat starts depositing in the body, disturbing the blood cholesterol level and then directly affecting the blood sugar count of body.

Normally when a person wakes up in the morning, he goes to the mirror to look his or her face, but if you are a diabetic, make sure you not only look at your face but also your feet too. This is because the symptom of diabetic foot includes numbness or tingling sensation in the feet, persistence feeling of coldness, and ulcerations on the foot or the toes. It has been recently found out in studies that 5 percent of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers and 12 percent of them develop poor leg and foot circulation. So, make sure you take very good care of your feet, if you are diabetic.

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