Diet And Stress

Diet And Stress

Diet And Stress - Chronic Stress - Stressful Life - Immune System - Eliminate Stress » Unhealthy StressStress is one of the most common phenomena today, but very few of us actually know what it is, its causes, its effects or how to eliminate it. Although stress is important in self-motivation, productivity, and performance, unmanageable stress is harmful to our well-being, and can trigger major illnesses, which are fatal. However, we live with it, because it’s supposedly part of human life. In order to avoid being among the growing number of fatal stress related cases, we should all be properly informed of this common, but misunderstood phenomenon.

Stress is a reference to the inability of the human body to appropriately respond to threats of a psychological, emotional, or physical nature. Its immediate effect includes release of adrenalin, cortisol, and noradrenaline, which assist us in handling stressful situations. However, situations, which prevent the “flight or fright” reaction, also prevent the use of these chemicals, which are forced to accumulate in the body. The result of which negatively affects proper body functioning.

Researchers have concluded that continual stress most commonly occurs in situations that involve money, including jobs, budgeting, and family; intimate relationships, both within and outside of marriage; and testing, whether it be academic, procedural, or otherwise.

Stress causes a number of reactions, which may be considered minor, including irritability, sensitivity, tension, insomnia and migraines, but it also has a major power in the onset of life threatening illnesses.
Accumulation of adrenaline and noradrenaline, resulting from to chronic stress, triggers vasoconstriction, the tightening of bloods vessels, and a raised pulse rate, which lead to increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.

The accumulation of cortisol prevents the proper functioning of the immune and regulatory systems. This results because stress causes an imbalance in the entire foundation of the immune system. In other words, chronic stress weakens the immune system by suppressing its ability to create white blood cells (leukocytes), which are necessary for defense against infection and foreign material.

There is no secret to managing stress, only intelligence. Stress can be managed, and even eliminated through:

Time management and project planning – overwork, and incredibly short deadlines are major causes of stress.

Setting goals and limitations – working blindly toward no goal, or abstract goals is a stress inducer.
Relax and distress; plan monthly private time to distress and enjoy the fruits of your labour, which will allow you to reduce stress levels considerably.

Add exercise, deep breathing and meditation to your daily life, they have been proven to eliminate stress.

Enhance working conditions, and improve communication, as these two work-related issues tend to cause more than half of stress related cases.

Develop budgets, and seek financial guidance – money has been proven to be one of the major causes of stress among heads of households.

Eat healthy well-balanced meals. Although no direct link has been proven between diet and stress, healthy balanced meals facilitate clear thought, and improved body functioning, which may lead to decreased stress levels.

Although all stress is not unhealthy, high stress levels results in a host of physical, emotional and health problems, which may evolve to be life threatening. It is therefore necessary to closely monitor stress levels, and where it is high, seek to reduce it to a level that is manageable.

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