Diet to Prevent Influenza

Diet to Prevent Influenza

Diet to Prevent Influenza - Influenza Diet - Foods to Eat during Flu | Tips on - Find TipsInfluenza, also known as flu, is a common feature during the winters. It is interesting to see that it occurs mainly during this period rather than all through the year. There is no specific treatment for this deadly disease though vaccination is a preventive alternative. Being a little attentive towards your diet also helps you to protect against influenza.

Here are a few tips towards that direction:

Preliminary steps

A hypothesis by Robert Edgar Hope-Simpson in 1965, suggests that the seasonal variation may be due to fluctuations of the vitamin D that renders the immune system weak against the virus responsible for causing influenza. Therefore, it is very important to keep our immune system strong.

Try and follow a few elementary points in this regard like getting adequate amount of rest, sleep at least 7-8 hours at night, try to keep the stress levels low and cut down on your alcohol intake. Along with these pay more attention to your diet. If you can keep these things in your mind and follow them then your chances of falling prey to this disease goes down considerably.

The Essential Food items that should be on your Diet

1. Drink adequate amount of water. You could also drink tea and soups. This aids mucus flow and helps to flush out the toxins from the body.

2. Consume as much fruits and vegetables as possible, especially, foods rich in beta-carotene like broccoli, spinach, leaf lettuce, sweet potato, carrots, winter squash, pumpkin and kale as these prevent congestion of the nose and lungs. Eat a lot of watermelon, apricot and mangoes.

3. It is often seen that a person affected by influenza has breathing trouble and may feel suffocated. A chemical called histamine causes this. It would do you good if you could consume food enriched in Vitamin C as it is very effective in keeping histamine levels low. Vitamin C also provides the white blood cells with energy, which are crucial for protecting the body against infection. Therefore, add oranges, lemons & limes, tomatoes, blackcurrant, red pepper and parsley in your diet.

4. If you are not allergic to mushrooms then you could also add them to your diet as this boosts up the cells responsible for providing your body with immunity.

5. Zinc rich food items like oyster, beans, lima beans, peanuts and cashew nuts are also good for protecting against influenza.

6. Consume less of strong coffee & tea, cheese, deep-fried food and if possible, completely avoid canned food and banana during this period.

7. Vitamin D has a role in the immune function of the body so foods like salmon, tuna, fish liver oils, milk and fortified cereals are good for you.

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